Busbar trunking systems

What are busbar systems?

Busbar systems are an innovative solution for electricity distribution replacing cables. Among the main advantages of busbar systems is the flexibility of use, either indoors or outdoors, with the use of standardized assembly pieces that can be relatively quickly rebuilt and replaced with pieces according to the customer’s needs, while complying with the specifications of the individual systems.

Busbar routes can connect transformers, generators with switchboards and transfer electricity to the vicinity or directly to the appliance. They can be used for economical and reliable distribution of electricity in office buildings, exhibition centers, data centers, in industry, while saving assembly time, space in buildings and compliance with high fire safety standards.

Features and benefits of use

All elements are verified according to switchboard and busbar standards

The possibility of changing the selection of different power supply parts and parts for changing the direction, different configuration of wires, the possibility to change or extend the route at any time, the possibility to add any junction boxes

Verified and tested devices, high short-circuit reliability in real operation

Systems able to communicate with each other

A complete product portfolio is available from 40 A to 6300 A for use in industry and buildings